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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 5, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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(male announcer) this is bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. sphen tonight at eleven. the return of the rain. it was heavy at times. and it's starting to let up at this hour. but more is on the way. here now is a live look at current conditions in san francisco and oakland. a few showers still lingering into the late night. meanwhile,i'm here in the weather center with brian van aken who is tracking the rain. >> there is still some lean in the south bay in san jose. some rainfall through the santa cruz mountains.
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note to the yellow is where the moderate/heavy. we have its here in the santa clara valley. and near santa clara and towards campbell. there is a burbank. this is highway 17 and there is the 880/280. moderate/heavy. also, to the north it hasn't quieted down a bit. still, some bit of a -- quieted down. san rafeal, but for the most part things are improving. the showers are still expected to forecast but not as heavy as what we have seen. the heaviest in the north bay one-half inch in the san rafael. smaller amounts in the south-east. this live look at the san
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mateo bridge. showers tonight and tomorrow. sunshine and i will have your forecast, coming up. >> for more on the rain. we go out live to san rafael. and kron-4's jeff bush. how are things looking out >> it is raining right now but not as hard as it was earlier. it is starting to come down about midafternoon and it is been like that all afternoon >> this was the scene all around with rain water down the gutters and gray conditions. drivers had to contend with thethis was the scene all around marin countyrain water flowing down the conditions. drivers had to contend with the downpour that covered the streets. windshield wipers were in constant use for most of saturday evening. the rain did cause some flooding in marin county. you can see this road in mill valley was flooded. cal trans crews set up barriers to warn drivers of the flooded conditions. you can see the water was high enough to make it to the top of the curb. puddles sprung up in several places and water splashed with the passing of
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each car. merchants in san anselmo weren't taking any chances. they had sand bags stationed outside their shops just to be on the safe side. a quick look at the san anselmo creekthe water was moving at moderate speed and, fortunatly, the level stayed well within the comfort zone. there were not very many pedestrians out and about on saturday but those who ventured into the elements were wise to bring a big umbrella to keep dry. >> the rain is coming down but not very hard. attempts also seems to be dropping. a cold and wet night. jeff bush, kron 4. tonight the community of petaluma is in mourning. after a 19-year-old girl who went missing near lake tahoe on new year's eve. was found dead a few days later. alyssa byrne's body was
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found friday morning. behind a snowbank. along a road in south lake tahoe. police say she may have lost her way in the dark while trying to walk to her hotel from a music festival. and froze to death with temperatures going as low as zero degrees faherenheit. kron 4's alecia reid went to petaluma today. to find out rallying to support byrne's family. >> reporter: the money in this box is for alyssa byrne's funeral expenses and will go straight to her family. >> we're just honored to be involved in it to help in any way we can to offset the grief they're going through. >> it's affected everybody, those that know her and those that didn't know her. your heart can't help but melt when you look at her mother. >> reporter: a lot of people that walked into 'beyond the glory' to leave a donation did not know alyssa, but they rolled in one after the other >> it's a tragedy. it's aweful. it's a terrible loss to her family and friends. >> my best friend's daughter who i'm very close
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to was close to her and she was the last person that saw her. orter: abigail balf is also a friend. the two went to daycare, kindergarten and elementary school together. they were about six years old in this photothat's alyssa on the far right. abigail was up in south lake tahoe when the body was found. >> the house that i was staying was only a few miles from the site, so it was really heart breaking and i cant even put into words what i felt when i heard. the nineteen year old was quite popular, and well rounded since she was a young girl. >> alyssa played basketball for my husband when he coached girl's basketball in elementary school. it's just tragic. >> we lost a beautiful young kid that was just starting her life. >> reporter: in petaluma alecia reid kron 4 news. in bay area news. oakland police are looking for whoever shot and injured two men in a car
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along macarthur boulevard. police say the men were stopped at a stop sign at about 5-30 when they were shot. shortly after. they were involved in a crash on the edwards onramp to interstate 580. both men were able to get themselves to a hospital. and are being treated for non-life threatening wounds. police have not released a description of the shooter. vallejo police are offering a ten-thousand- dollar reward in connection with a christmas eve hit and run that left a man fighting for his life. the 54-year-old was crossing broadway street at hogan avenue around 5:20 pm when he was struck by a honda civic. that car then fled the scene. police at the time said it may have been street racing. the car is described as a black two door civic which may have some damage like a broken right headlight. damaged hood. and possibly a broken windshield. anyone with information is asked to call vallejo police. federal investigators say they are zeroing in.
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on what may have caused an explosion at the chevron refinery in richmond last august. a ruptured pipeline exploded. sending gas and smoke into the air. there were no serious injuries at the refinery. but thousands of people exposed to the toxic air went to hospital with medical problems. others sought lawsuits. kron four's philippe djegal tells us what investigators discovered. >> reporter: vicki. federal investigators say chevron fire fighters responding to a small leak and fire before the big explosion. may have accidently punched a hole in the 40-year-old pipe that eventually failed in august. u-s chemical safety board investigators say they are examining the tools chevron fire fighters used to stop an intial small refinery leak and fire in richmond last august sixth investigators say the 40- year-old pipe that
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eventually sent a plume of gas and fire into the air was already in bad shape. over time, sulfur from the crude oil flowing through the pipe wore it down. but, the chemical safety board says it's found a gash on the pipe. that investigators say must have been done from the outside. investigators are looking into the possibility that while chevron fire fighters were responding to a smaller leak and fire. they may have accidently damaged the pipe. while ripping and tearing away at insulation. investigators say the bigger explosion may have still happened regardless of the puncture -- but that the damage could have played a role. the august eruption at the crude oil unit of the refinery blanketed neighborhoods with thick black smoke. thousands of people went to area hosiptals. with several medical complaints. including breathing problems. the crude oil unit damaged by the august fire is still shut down. but chevron says it hopes to have it back open sometime this year. philippe djegal, kron four news. dozens of people in the north bay sickened by a fast moving virus. how health officials are trying to slow it down. google trying to help out victims of superstorm sandy. why not everyone is happy to see them. and the oregon teen who
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is in hot water with the law. after boasting about driving drunk. in a facebook post.
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health officials say a norovirus outbreak at a senior home in the north bay ifdozens of residents and staffers and the redwoods senior residential care facility in mill valley have been sickened since christmas eve. two of the elderly residents have since died of complications brought on by the virus. activities and food services have been restricted. and it appears to be slowing the spread of the highly contageous virus. this outbreak follows a similar one at a san rafael retirement home that sickened 27 people in november police have arrested a married couple they say are connected to the new year's eve shooting in sacramento that left two people dead and three others wounded. sacramento police say that amber scholz started the altercation that prompted the deadly shooting at a
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bar in old town sacramento monday night oficers say her husband. charles fowler-scholz was also involved before the shooting occurred. the suspected gunman. 22- year-old carlito montoya. was arrested after an armed security guard wounded him during the shooting. the security guard and a women in the bar were also wounded but their injuries are considered non-life threatening. coming up. an oregon teen runs afoul of the law. by running his mouth. on facebook. the status update that got him slapped. with hit-and- run charges. plus. everybody out of the water! where this giant shark was spotted lurking dangerously close to swimmers.
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in national news. four people are dead after a police standoff in aurora colorado early this morning. officers say a man barricaded himself inside a home. and shot at them from a second story window. police stormed the house and the suspect was killed during a firefight. three other people were found dead inside. this comes nearly six months after a shooting at a movie theater only four miles away left twelve people dead. f-a-a investigators have removed the wreckage of a plane that crashed into a florida house. killing three people. the crash happened friday afternoon. shortly after the pilot reported a mechanical problem while on approach to land. it slammed into the house. killing all three on board. susan crockett. who was in the house at the time. got out virtually unharmed. she shared her story with reporters today.
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>> i was getting ready to walk off the door. and something said the stop. and i wondered why. and i stopped. and the airplane hit the building and boom. crockett said she only suffered a briuse when she tumbled out the window. investigators say it could take them several months to figure out what caused the plane to crash. congress is set to vote on a 51-billion dollar aid package for victims of superstorm sandy later this month. but some homeowners say they desperately need help now. however. when google paid a visit to one neighborhood devastated by the storm to see what it could do. not everyone was rejoicing. emily smith explains. >> if your house looks like this perhaps you do not want your house to look like best. this family lived on
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this avenue in the update will change from those to what it looks like now. >> this is not what we are, this is what happened to us. >> i received enough people taking pictures and to me it is gawking that is not what we not to need right now. however, cool will release of this statement google -- released this statement this resident is okay with the updated images. >> if you look are rounded is like a flower with the generators, the hammers, and we are coming back. others however, our show kidding staten island at its worst. >> i would like to think
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that it was a bit more realistic. such as a pristine beach community. google hasn't worked out specifics yet as to when the next photos will be taken, but the company said it is committed to re-driving affected areas to show the recovery progress over time. the seattle police department is now facing an excessive force lawsuit over the arrest of an 18-year-old man which was all caught on camera. this happened back iin december 2010. when officers discovered a suspicious vehicle. locked with its engine running. outside a department store. isaac o-jack came outside to claim the car but officers became concerned when they found out he was not the owner of the vehicle. ojack he began resisting arrest and even bit an officer. and the situation escalated from there. the entire incident is now being investigated and could take several months. posting the wrong thing on facebook can sometimes get you in trouble with friends or employers. but when an oregon teen posted about driving drunk.
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and hitting several cars. he ended up in trouble with the law. but as joe raineri discovered, the teen now says the whole thing was just a bad joke. >> to get arrested? >> yes. i did not get arrested yes but i did make this post on facebook. >> and i probably should not have posted what i said on there and i kind of regret it because it got blown out of proportion. >> mackenzie wilson did not think it was parked out of proportion and it was hit along fifth street. he turned himself in. >> they even knew that he was messaging my husband.
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and he admitted that they have the car but not because he was driving drunk it was icy conditions >> some people call called me out and they said that it was sarcastic. (explecitives)police say cox-brown was charged with hit-and-run for the car troubles. but they say by the time they caught up with him, enough evidence to charge him with d-u-i. this isn't the first time jacob has had run in with the law, he's also been arrested before for burglary and criminal mischief. take a look at this incredible footage from australia -- a nine-foot- long tiger shark, just 200 yards from shore at a popular beach. a local news helicopter in perth spotted the fierce fish and notified authorities, who immediately closed all nearby beaches and got everyone out of the water. it's believed the sharks are looking for their favorite prey -- bait fish, *not swimmers. however. they still pose a danger to humans.
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>> we have the rainfall for tonight not as heavy as what we have seen. and in the south become a veddas were trucking. here is the self paid notice. as what we are- tracking. the south bay the moderate has promised to the east pushed.. evergreen, santa terisa, highway 85. and 101 indicating heavier rain. for the most part, it is a slight error. to the santa clara valley. with some santa clara valley chand the north bay, just some showers through vallejo san rafael, also getting a lot of the of
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rainfall but the showers sticking around. the main rain and fog noticed this round of rainfall with unsettled conditions for tonight. the futurecast, showing some occasional spotty showers for tonight and tomorrow. six a m, showers will be spotty. with breaks of showers but they will be decreasing. for warmer weather tuesday.
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things will change on wednesday. temperatures could fall on tuesday. >> coming up the n f l playoffs and now they know who they're going to be facing candlestick. and the warriors facing the clippers. the highlights, next.. ♪
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and the warriors square off against the clippers in l-a. would there be a repeat wednesday's blow-out win? highlights next. the golden state warriors and the los angeles clippers have to face each other three times over 19 days this month and tonight is game number two. the warriors won the first match-up on wednesday with a blow out but tonight was almost the exact opposite as the clippers jumped out early and coasted to an easy 115-to-89 victory. klay thompson scored a team high fourteen points as the warriors fall to 22-and- eleven on the season. the warriors and clippers will face each other one more time this month on january 21st. aaron rodgers and the green bay packers showed the league just how dangerous they can be when they're at
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full strength during their nfc wild card game against the minnesota vikings tonight. the packers crushed the vikings 24-to-ten. aaron rodgers set a nfl playoff record by completing passes to ten different receivers. but the vikings played without starting quarterback christian ponder. who was held out with a right elbow injury. instead back up joe webb started in his place after not having thrown a single pass for the entire season. earlier in the day the nfl playoffs officially kicked off with the afc wild-card match up between the houston texans and the cincinnati bengals.
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